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Hanson Robotics, Robo-Garage

Welcome back to human civilization, Zeno. This robo-boy – the first in Hanson Robotics’ RoboKind line (and first introduced at NextFest ’07) – is now a character in a drama set in 2029. The bot weighs just 6 lbs. and is only 17 inches tall, but he can walk, talk, and see (he’s controlled wirelessly from a PC). This freckle-faced prodigy (he’s 6, but acts older) can even engage in conversations and make independent decisions. According to inventor David Hanson, Zeno’s animated persona is designed to someday surpass human levels of intelligence and use creativity and wit to battle the future’s chaos. Character robots like Zeno, Hanson feels, are the next great animation medium. Zeno, not surprisingly, agrees.