WIRED NextFest 2008 Exhibits


Martin Kastner

Restaurateur and renown chef, Grant Achatz, and designer, Martin Kastner, are out to change the way you eat. A meal at Alinea can More Info

Art of Play

Erik Natzke

Andy Warhol and the other Pop artists made their mark by using commercial art tools and techniques to create iconic works of the More Info

Biofuel from Microalgae

Harrison Dillon

It takes just three hours for a Solazyme microalgae cell to double. One cell become two, then two cells become four, and so on. More Info


Interactive Institute

Relax. Clear your mind and go! In Brainball two players sit across a special table wearing the sport’s hallmark brainwave- More Info

C-Leg System

Otto Bock HealthCare

Prosthetics go bionic. The C-Leg’s microprocessor crunches data from internal sensors that measure angle and force 50 times per More Info

Cell Phone Disco


Tired of text messages and voicemail? Amsterdam’s Informationlab has found another use for your cell phone-creating digital art. More Info


Grasp Lab, University of Pennsylvania

Kick it, smash it, or drop it from on high — professor Mark Yim’s modular ckBot can take a licking and More Info

Climate Time Machine

NASA, Jet Propulsion Laboratory

H.G. Wells’ classic 1895 novella The Time Machine takes readers 3 million years into the future to More Info


d3o lab

Say hello to the new Spidey suit. Richard Palmer, snowboarding enthusiast and director of the d3o Lab in Hove, England, More Info

Dynamic Arm Elbow 12K100

Otto Bock HealthCare

A prosthetic revolution, Otto Bock HealthCare’s elbow has an electric motor so powerful it can lift up to 13 pounds. Its More Info

Erasable Paper


Wouldn’t no recycling bins be better than blue recycling bins? More than 40 percent of all office printouts are discarded More Info



Want to know how your neighborhood sushi bar fared in its last health inspection? Or perhaps you’d like to rifle through your local More Info



Kellee Santiago and Jenova Chen, founders of thatgamecompany, find the emotional palette used in most video games to be too More Info


NASA, Carnegie Mellon University

You don’t have to be a world-class photographer (or Photoshop expert) to take a brilliant panoramic shot. The product of a two-year More Info



Like the automated butlers in Woody Allen’s classic film Sleeper – only without the black suits and the tinfoil hats — GuiaBot greets More Info

Hoops Interactive Kiosk

EA Sports

Spectrum, EA Sports’ innovation lab, creates integrated entertainment experiences out of bits of the latest, greatest More Info

Hoverit Lounger


Imagine the love child of Le Corbusier’s chaise lounge from 1929 and a modern magnetically levitated train, and you’ve got some idea of the More Info



Think one car can change the world? Charles Greenwood does. His design firm, HumanCar, will unveil on Earth Day 2009 a vehicle More Info


Aardvark Applications

The Immersa-Dome is the world’s first multi-sensory, projection-based virtual reality system — like taking a thrill ride while sitting still More Info

iPoint Presenter

Fraunhofer Institute

Paul Chojecki of Berlin’s Fraunhofer Institute has reduced communication between man and computer to a touch-free science with the More Info


National Institute of Information and Communications Technology, Carnegie Mellon University

It’s a dance, dance revolution! Meet the BeatBot named Keepon More Info


NASA, Department of Defense, Exponent

The need for robots in space compliments the need for robots here on Earth. In the new More Info

Misadventures of P.B. Winterbottom

The Odd Gentlemen

The title character in The Misadventures of P.B. Winterbottom, a side-scrolling, Mario-style More Info

Modular Snake Robots

Carnegie Mellon University

Finally, a snake even Indiana Jones could appreciate. Designed to help with everything from rescue missions to routine plumbing More Info


Carnegie Mellon University

Mower is a cartoony Styrofoam robot sheep that can roam large public lawns with shears in its mouth and rangefinders in its eyes, More Info

News at Seven

Northwestern University

Newscasters are practically automatons already, so a synthetic anchor comes as a welcome alternative. The News at Seven system More Info


Center for Embedded Network Sensing, UCLA

The world is watching you, so watch yourself. The Personal Environmental Impact More Info

Planilum Light


Why bother replacing incandescent light bulbs every few months when you can brighten your home for 20 years (or 50,000 hours) with More Info

Plastic from CO2


Oranges and carbon dioxide become plastic via the alchemy of catalysts first discovered at Cornell University. While More Info



The PM is the first in a series of prototypes that realizes Toyota’s concept of Personal Mobility. Envisioned as a vehicle More Info

Prius Plug-in Hybrid Vehicle


The prototype Plug-in Hybrid Electric is the next rev for Prius. Designed to maintain electric mode longer and at higher speeds, the PHEV More Info


Hanson Robotics, Robo-Garage

Welcome back to human civilization, Zeno. This robo-boy – the first in Hanson Robotics’ RoboKind line (and first introduced at More Info

Security Printing


It’s ironic that Xerox now makes documents that can’t be photocopied. Xerox protects documents from unauthorized duplication More Info

Sensor Walk

Otto Bock HealthCare and Mayo Clinic

Weak legs can really hold a person back. Canes, crutches, braces, and wheelchairs don’t hold a candle to the biomechanical efficiency More Info

Solid Ink


Think crayons. That’s Solid Ink. It’s clean, easy to use, good for the environment, and only available from Xerox. The printer’s colored More Info

Spiral Water Filtration

PARC, a Xerox company

Blue is the new Green. In much of the developing world, water filtration is limited due to both high cost and large space requirements. More Info

Suitcase Pavilion

Virginia Tech

The Suitcase Pavilion is not architecture made from suitcases; it is architecture that can be carried in suitcases. For the More Info

The Chicago Project

Bruce Mau Design

Celebrating the 100-year anniversary of the Burnham Plan, The Chicago Project (TCP) is a vision for the next 100 years of Chicago. More Info

The Loop, Chicago,
1848 – 2007

Jason Salavon

Software is Jason Salavon’s artistic medium. The former video game programmer More Info

Toyota 1/X


Toyota’s 1/X concept compact hybrid offers a glimpse into the future of automotive technology. This ultra-lightweight vehicle boasts More Info

Toyota i-REAL


The i-REAL is a three-wheeled Personal Mobility vehicle, and its name expresses the effort to make the concept real. The “walk” More Info

Toyota i-swing


With its body-hugging shape, i-swing feels like something you’d wear rather than drive. When this vehicle shifts its shape, it’s not showing More Info

Xtreme Photovoltaics


SUNRGI’s mission is simple: Maximize the sun’s reusable energy by concentrating its light on tiny, ultra-efficient solar cells. The More Info

X-48B Blended Wing Body

Boeing and NASA

Today’s passenger jets all look the same: long tubes with two wings and a tail. Tomorrow’s jets could have the graceful silhouette of a manta More Info