Martin Kastner

Restaurateur and renown chef, Grant Achatz, and designer, Martin Kastner, are out to change the way you eat. A meal at Alinea can consist of up to 27 courses, many of which are presented using serving ware from Kastner’s Crucial Detail design studio. The collaboration began in 2003 when Achatz put out a call to create a delivery system for frozen hibiscus tea. Kastner’s solution was a steel prong extending upward at the confluence of three identical, finger-length, bent steel legs. Called Tripod, the thin legs pivot and align, and the tabletop presentation form becomes an elegant popsicle stick. Dozens more innovations have come since, often with function-oriented names like Pin Bowl, Antenna, and Eye, all in service to a dining experience that prompted Gourmet magazine to name Alinea the Best Restaurant in America in 2006.